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Smart Design
You can easily change your design by yourself and by simply updating your facebook


Traffic Statistics Built in

Visit Statistics allows you to observe and better understand consumer intent and journey

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Frequently Asked Question

1 .Is it a website builder? So that I can pick up some template and built it myself?

It’s a smart website builder. Your business information will be acquired from your business page

2. Will you help me with the updates of the site in the future?

Of course, we are always happy to help you. But you won’t need to make updates of the site, because when you update your Facebook business page, your site will be automatically updated too.

3) What do I do if I don’t have a Facebook Business page? 

We will set up your Facebook Business Page. In addition, we will optimize it for SEO. 


4) What does refund guarantee cover?

 We guarantee that we will design your website in 72 hours upon full detail received, otherwise we return your money back. Domain registration, Facebook Business Page Setup Analysis time are excluded. 

5) Can I update the information on my site afterwards? 

The information on your website will be updated every time when you renew it on Facebook. Within first 60 days we can help you to create a new custom page on your site free of charge. 

6) What’s included in your package?

 > Website Design 

 > Facebook Page Set Up, Optimization and Design;

 > Facebook Short URL

 > Email Hosting (unlimited email account) 

 > Stock photo .

 > Whatsapp / Email support

7) What is your Support Service like?

We do not provide face to face/onsite visit services. Our support is 100% online and we provide quick responses via WhatsApp and e-mail. 

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